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Philips BlueSeal uses a new, highly efficient micro-cooling technology which requires just 7 liters of liquid helium for cooling, instead of the 1,500 litres that conventional magnets use. This tiny amount of liquid helium is placed in the magnet and fully sealed during manufacturing, enclosing the precious gas for the rest of its life. No liquid helium can escape.1 This reduces potential long interruptions to MR services due to helium issues and eliminates helium refill costs during the magnet’s lifetime.


Helium-free high-level computer tomography system PHILIPS Ingenia Ambition:

  • High homogenic results of magnetic field even for large scanning fields 
  • Large imaging field
  • High performance gradient 
  • Light and easy to work with multi-channel coil
  • Wireless vital signs monitoring
  • Parallel scanning and reconstruction
  • Full range of DICOM functions for Imaging volume

More information about the technical, software and functional parameters can be found here or you can contact us.